Porter Art therapy



March 12, 2014
Porter Art therapy for
Emerald Sketch ART, Inc.
Resiliency Center of Newtown
Newtown, CT

Dear Family, Friends, and Intrigues,
Time passes for several months without a note or image posted to this blog.  Where have I been, did you wonder?  Fortunately, a friend wants stories and I know that perhaps there is more to share.

Please wait urgently, and know that tales of the past autumn and winter will be told before too much Spring hops.
There has been the Capitol “Safe Places” Exhibit with many wondrous open Art therapy workshops leading to the event in December.  The Sandy Hook, Newtown community and the Resiliency Center of Newtown continue to openly accept art therapy as an authentic and scientific method of healing the traumatic experience.

Recently back from Gurgaon, and Rajasthan, India,  I am more attune.  This opportunity arose from connection with the creators of  Art therapy: The Movie.  Kelvin Ramirez and Alfonso Bui, as I like to think of things, are part of the Emerald Sketch Club for life.
The truth on where I have been? Staying quite busy working directly with the old and young children in need.  Mostly in Newtown, sometimes in Tribeca, Brooklyn, or Hudson, and as life seems India.  For this writing process, I am grateful for all the interest you display, and intend more will be written soon.
Sincerely yours,
Nicole Porter Willcox

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