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Dear Judge Kavanaugh, Scribbles say more than words

Gray morning with a streak of sunlight, waking aware the Judge Kavanaugh hearing interviewing Dr. Blasey Ford begins at 10am I feel eager and mildly nervous. Opening the New York Times print copy curious, I anticipate a photo. Instead, quickly astonished by what looks to me to be the most compelling and disturbing image of the year! It’s Kavanaugh’s calendar photo he believes supports his defense that he never committed sexual assault against Dr. Ford in June of 1982. I want to debate that belief and suppose it is quite the opposite, evidence to “unleash” his guilt. What is under the darkness Judge Kavanaugh? Why can’t we see everything?

As the Founding Director of Emerald Sketch, an Art therapy Trauma Response Team, devised in the immediate aftermath of the Sandy Hook School Massacre, one of my specializations as an Art therapist is assessing people’s mental health. Art therapy assessments are a highly significant method to gain insights and indicators for humans of all ages. Now, one golden rule is to never provide an assessment of a person without observing them create their own “calendar.”

Though watching and listening to Kavanaugh during his Hearing and his recent news interview it does seem significant to share related insights based on his verbalizations. Let’s consider looking more closely at activities on all the dates he appears to scribble and undo his notes. What happens when baseball camp ends, Judge Kavanaugh?

Unable to say yes or no he has never blacked out from drinking seems bizarre. Are there any blackouts on his calendar? Could he have a Dissociative Personality Disorder? Or a history of alcohol induced deliriums? An art therapy assessment will unveil more truths. I want to see Judge Kavanaugh draw his September 2018 calendar.

In some instances he seems to indicate confidence, while most times he appears anxious, upset, indelible, and aggressive. Full of loose associations he seems to signify displacement, isolation of affect, projection, incorporation, avoidance, and more defenses. What is he working so hard to protect? All these mechanisms appear clearly through the trained clinical lens.

At this phase in her life Dr. Blasey Ford can see through that same clinical lens. She understands the complexity of the neurobiology of trauma. This seems to elevate her and enable her to push through her personal trauma centering herself to report her experience and reveal her truth about Judge Kavanaugh. Here it is noted and recognized that her intelligence as a Psychologist gives her a unique perspective and audacity. Are dozens of women, or more, assaulted by Kavanaugh witnessing this process in shock still unable to speak?

Break the silence.

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