Porter Art therapy

Adult Art Psychotherapy

IMG_0450 2I want to break this down quickly and as simply as possible with only words.  Art therapy for adults allows you to enter into a symbolic realm building upon your own internal stimuli.

I am trained to help adults (and children) of all ages to navigate through this and guide a creative process that elevates and reactivates the best pieces of oneself.

Do you need artistic training? Never. What will a session require of the adult?

First, I will have creative art therapy tasks prepared for you to choose.  Your innovation and inspirations will be encouraged and cultivated even during the assessment phase of our therapeutic relationship.  Please remember, you too, are welcome to assess me.

The creative art making may utilize many types of materials, drawing, or maybe you will prefer guided imagery meditation.  Following your creative process, I will guide a reflective discussion.  And much like your creative processing the remainder of the session may be as complex or as basic as you are prepared to engage.

Verbal processing illuminates new pathways and connections almost always when you have your own creative work as a springboard to name and share with me, a highly trained, experienced, and attentive Art therapist.

In cooperation with Emerald Sketch 2019 Rates

Initial Assessments 90 minutes: $350 for individuals, $450 couples, and families

Session rates: $325: 90 minute *Recommended for best outcome,                                        $225: 50 minute,  $420: 2 hour session *even better outcome







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